By Juanita Allen

Atlanta Technical College class of 2015 graduation.

Atlanta Technical College class of 2015 graduation.

Atlanta Technical College offers special on the job training experiences that enhances such opportunities for their students. As local companies look to technical schools for new talents in specialized disciplines that are adaptable to their business, students at Atlanta Technical College are offered an impressive alternative that enables them to develop and improve academic skills, technical competence, and work attitudes.

“I was motivated to go to Atlanta Technical College due to the school’s reputation of providing in-depth training in advanced technology and procedures, said Shavonda Woods, a professional stylist and sophomore at Atlanta Technical College. “I trust the accreditation of my instructors and I feel passionately that the courses I am offered will further qualify me to continue my career as an active licensed professional.”

The attributes that Atlanta Technical College offers are deemed as necessary for job acquisitions, retentions and advancements that meets students’ personal career needs. Atlanta Technical College considers prospects in technical education which include general and technical literacy, academic skills and knowledge, technical skills and the attitudes needed to enjoy life.

“I chose a field that required a part-time schedule, said Latia Williams, a junior studying cosmetology , who has been a part of the technical program for eighteen months. “I found Atlanta Technical College as my only option that would allow for me to remain active in real estate and insurance while obtaining my cosmetology certification. The training expense is an investment towards my future independence and specialization in a discipline of service.”

Atlanta Technical College has a pre-college program that introduces high school seniors to early learning opportunities and fast track degrees that exposes them to the workforce, as on the job training experiences, which are extended after graduation into salaried positions.

A team of certified and experienced professionals teach each discipline as instructors that are dedicated to understanding students’ ambitions to reach their greatest potential and be successful in their careers and personal enrichment.

“I am passionate about my positional responsibility to provide the proper training in the language and techniques of cosmetology and the ground work for institutional messaging through methodology at Atlanta Technical College”, said Thomas Chapman, director of academic affairs . “I enjoy developing social aptitudes and physiological directives that are cultivated throughout the training procedures in the seventeen categories that Atlanta Technical College provides for students willing to study cosmetology.”

The continuing education department has designed and developed short courses and workshops that offer seminars for professional development and enrichment in its domain.  Online courses are also structured and scheduled to meet the needs of the community. The opportunity of a technical education, similar to that of Atlanta Technical College, is in high demand and can be deemed to improve commercial and economic growth.

Course competence in business and industry is the benchmark for professional productivity. According to Atlanta Technical College’s online school page, to obtain employment, individuals must be competitive in today’s job market and they must possess the skills that will earn them promotions throughout their careers.

“I entered the service industry of training after feeling burned out of my former job as a Pre-K teacher,” said Shartara Barkley, a freshman majoring in cosmetology. “The course training that I am receiving now emphasizes how one in the service can recognize victims of domestic violence. I enjoy the positive interactions with clients that is built from trust and confidentiality. I am willing to utilize what I am learning now and what I have learned in the past, as a teacher, to cultivate my talents as a hair stylist and motivate lives.”



About Juanita Allen

Juanita Allen is a student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.
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