By Juanita Allen

Being a member from a large and loving family of ten siblings, four brothers and six sisters, Terrance Oliver Kelly was born to Ola Mae Kelly and Wesley Kelly on July 13, 1965.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Morehouse College in 1990 and Master of Arts in African American Studies from Clark Atlanta University in 1992.


Professor Terrance O. Kelly

“It is hard to forget someone who gave so much to remember, said Latonya Nuaji, a sociology major at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. “His gift of knowledge is the greatest bestowment of courage to challenge one to broaden their own personal growth. I learned so much with just one semester of his class than I have in years.”

Kelly, who had been with the Atlanta Metropolitan State faculty for five years, was well respected by his students and colleagues. He has left a legacy of students with personal unforgettable experiences.

“Professor Kelly made learning history informative and engaging, said Tiesha Davis, a business major at Atlanta Metropolitan State. “He pushed us to learn by using learning tactics that encouraged thought and interaction with classmates and sharing individual creativity. He was a great teacher and a great man.”

From jobs conducting research for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and cataloging books for the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, to completing freelance writing for Upscale Magazine, The Champion newspaper and other publications, Kelly has been a positive influence in courage, faith and knowledge and an extraordinary role model.

Also passionate about the arts, Kelly was also employed at the Atlanta Fox Theater, which cleverly fed his passion giving him the opportunity to enjoy performances and keep an open network for socialization with patrons and fellow staff members.

“I considered Professor Kelly more than just a colleague, he had a gift of genius that had to be shared with the world,” said Ruth Frazier, an associate professor in English and reading.”He had the ability to teach a subject from perspectives only he could see, but make you understand.”



About Juanita Allen

Juanita Allen is a student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.
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