By: Juanita Allan

Louis Kahn, an American architect, once said a great building begins with the unmeasurable, goes through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end, remains unmeasurable. This theory deems true for the Atlanta Metropolitan State College campus, which now features the Elridge W. McMillian Academic Sciences Building as an abstract piece of art.

Photo courtesy EMCOR

The McMillian Academic Sciences building on Atlanta Metropolitan State College campus

“A consulting architectural firm was retained and, along with decision makers, which included the Board of Regents,” said Dr. Gary A. McGaha, president of Atlanta Metropolitan State.

Gary explained his vision to begin expanding on the physical presence of the campus as a way to accommodate and meet demands for both the physical occupancy and campus organizational structures that facilitates for a projected population of 10,000 students.

The McMillian Academic Sciences building, named in honor of Elridge W. McMillian, the longest serving member of the Board of Regents at the University System of Georgia, adds a sleek and modern look to the dated campus with its edges of steel and a glass juxtaposition that compliments its natural lighting and landscape.

“This building will be all inclusive, housing a number of offices relevant for the growth and confirmation of all of the stages of development in a strong, efficient, transitioning, and continuance in academia or higher education,” said Marx Favors, one of the architects of record and lead developer on the initial consulting contract.

With only one of the projects partially funded by student financial participation, each new structure within the envisioned portfolio of redevelopment, construction, and total rehabilitation, represents a modern upgrade and special contribution to the campus’s form and function.

Favors, along with other members on the development team who became a part of the project, blended the external changes within McGaha’s internal vision of science, technology, engineering and math as a discipline directive in learning into the project’s outline. “The goal was to stand out, yet not intimidate or alienate perspective participants in the movement for change,” said Favors.

The new Eldridge M. McMillan Academic Sciences Building on the school’s south Atlanta campus opens later this summer and will support biology, chemistry and physics associate degrees as well as health care degrees in pre-nursing, pre-dental hygiene, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, pre-medical technology and health care management degrees. The stages of redevelopment evident on the Atlanta Metropolitan State campus adds volumes to the dedication and growth in the educational arena.

“I am very comfortable with the social amenities and I am looking forward to proposed exercise opportunities,” said sophomore Deja Hall, a mass communications major.” The new building welcomes some flexibility to the student population.”



About Juanita Allen

Juanita Allen is a student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.
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