For the first year ever, Atlanta Metropolitan State College will be offering the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Program to its students.

Marlene Davis, program officer for the CLSP was the guest speaker at Atlanta Metropolitan State  to announce inclusion of a fully government funded summer language study abroad program to Atlanta Metropolitan students.

U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Program provides opportunities to a diverse range of students across the U.S.

U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Program provides opportunities to a diverse range of students across the U.S.

“This program allows students at Atlanta Metropolitan State College an opportunity to take their place in the global community and compete with the demand to communicate universally on global issues,” said Dr. Vance Gray, dean of Social Sciences.

The CLS program provides opportunities to a range of students from across the U.S. in diverse demographics also represented in Atlanta communities at every level of language learning. This will be the first time that Atlanta Metro students have been offered a chance to participate in a scholarship program of this broad international magnitude.

“I feel passionate that this particular exercise in international studies and believes that it will contribute positively to minorities, whose demographics make up over forty percent of the population, but are grossly under represented on the global stage,” said Gray.

“Though there are opportunities available for nine critical languages that requires no previous studies, a one year requirement is placed on Arabic and Persian and a two year requirement is placed on Chinese, Japanese and Russian.”

The intense eight- to ten-week study program, which offers five-hundred fifty scholarships each year, is based on cultural adaptability and the maturity of each individual who is chosen to participate.  Although the program provides emphasis in the domains of national security, it is suggested that those who wish to apply also find other disciplines, such as those in research, teaching, history, universal health and social work, to name a few, to be of equal interest.

“I am planning to apply for the scholarship in late October,” said sophomore Antonio Bately, a nursing major at Atlanta Metro. “If chosen, I can utilize this learning opportunity to increase my bilingual language skills and increase my objective of working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The program, which provides academic credit through Bryn Mawr College, a liberal arts college for women located in Lower Merion Township, Penn., is now open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Atlanta Metropolitan State; including those with disabilities. Application requirements for the CLS program include two letters of recommendation, an official transcript and a number of essay responses. The deadline to apply for the CLS program is Nov. 23.

“I plan to apply to the CLS program to enhance my portfolio and resume in hopes that the language skills serves as an asset to further my career options to include international opportunities, said Robert Pernell Ali, a social science associate advisor and sophomore majoring in African American studies at Atlanta Metro.”




About Juanita Allen

Juanita Allen is a student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.
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